I followed some of my fellow classmates’ blogs over the semester, and I have my top 3 favorite blogs where I learned something valuable that I will take with me when I have my own classroom.
My top favorite blog post was written by Stephanie Farrell and her guest blogger. I really enjoyed this blog post because she asked her guest blogger, Tiffany Forseth who is a teacher, questions that future teachers should think about. She asked about behavior and time management. It’s good to think about how teachers will manage student behavior in their classrooms because teachers will always experience behaviors on a large spectrum. Time management is also important to keep in mind because time is everything in a classroom. Teachers have a lot of curriculum to get through and every minute in the classroom is valuable. Learning how to manage time is an important thing to learn, but as Tiffany mentioned, it’s a learned skill as you gain experience with having your own classroom. Teachers also need to manage their personal time outside of the classroom to keep them from stressing out. This will be useful to know because I tend to overwork and stress myself out too, and teachers need to keep themselves calm and relaxed. If a teacher is often stressed out, the students will pick up on that tension and stress and will react negatively to it. To read the full blog post, please visit http://stephaniefarrell.weebly.com/blog/guest-blogger.

My second favorite blog post was written by Kyle Hinze on Non-Biased Teaching. I think non-biased teaching is important for teachers because teachers are always supposed to have an open mind. If teachers are teaching with bias, teachers are showing their support for a particular “side” on a topic, which may sway students opinions and thoughts, which keep them from creating their own beliefs. This is something we want to discourage because if a student feels they don’t personally agree with the teacher’s opinions, they fear they are incorrect in their thoughts and it hinders them from further thinking in the manner that they would normally. Kyle also talks about non-biased teaching in a personal manner that relates to his field of study. Check out Kyle’s blog at https://historytimesite.wordpress.com/2015/11/24/non-biased-teaching/ to read more about non-biased teaching!

Lastly, I really enjoyed reading a blog on explaining RTI, which is written by Katie Pape. Teachers learn about RTI throughout different courses when completing their undergraduate work, and continue to learn about it when having their own classrooms. RTI is incredibly important for teachers to learn and know about because this model is used to help catch struggling students before they fall further behind the others in the class and bring them back up to speed. Katie also talks about why RTI is important for teachers to know and care about, but also why RTI is vital in education. I hope to continue to learn more about RTI and how schools implement RTI in each individual district. To further read about RTI and Katie’s thoughts, check out https://example8412.wordpress.com/2015/12/09/things-that-make-me-go-hmm/.

All 3 of these blog posts touch on topics that are crucial for teachers to learn about and keep in mind for their own classroom. To me, these topics are the most important because they are things that I either struggle with or don’t know a whole lot about.