Kahoot is a great online assessment tool for anyone to use. Kahoot is a great assessment tool because it’s an interactive game for students to play during class time.I find Kahoot to be a good tool because students are involved in learning but are also having fun at the same time.  Students get points based on how long it took them to answer the question and whether they had the correct answer or not. After each question, the game will give you an update on who is in the lead based on point value. The quicker the student answers the question with the correct answer, the more points he/she will earn. At the end of the game, the students can see who placed in first, second and third. It’s fun for students to use because it gives them encouragement to do better because they want to “win.” This tool is good for classroom use because you can do formative assessment at the beginning of a unit to see what the students already know, and throughout a unit to check for understanding to see where you need to further scaffold student learning and which students need intervention.

Kahoot is also a good choice for assessment because students can choose whichever name they want to when playing the game. This means that they can remain anonymous if they choose to. This is important because students may be embarrassed in front of their peers if they don’t do well or because they may be shy of responding personally. This tool allows students to participate in a low-pressure environment where they don’t need to feel shy or embarrassed because they may have answered the question wrong in front of others.

To create a Kahoot quiz, you put together multiple choice questions. Each question needs to have 4 answers to choose from. You can include pictures, graphs or videos to the question as well if necessary to help add more classroom engagement. Each student will use a cell phone or device that has internet access to play the Kahoot. The question for the Kahoot will display on the projector, but students need to use their device to answer each question. This requires each student to look up and constantly be focused to do the best that he/she can do. Another thing that is so awesome about Kahoot is that you can find Kahoots that others around the globe have created and use those if you want to! You can also play these Kahoots with others around the world – all in real time! This tool is also useful for teachers because after every student answers each question, it will display on the projector how many students answered each question. This helps teachers see where confusion is and allows them to clarify to students why some of the answers are incorrect and to define why one of the answers is correct. For teachers, there is another big draw to use this tool in the classroom – it’s FREE! Teachers are constantly buying supplies for their classrooms, and if there are free tools available for us to utilize, it makes our day!

Overall, I believe that Kahoot is an excellent choice for an assessment tool because it’s interactive and engages students in learning while they are having fun. Kahoot is free to use (and there are no accounts needed either!), easy to access and create, and can be used for any topic or unit you are teaching in your classroom!

If you want to see a full tutorial on what Kahoot is and how it works, please see the video link below.