Technology is something that is ever changing and is hard to keep up with. There are so many different things to use. There are SMARTboards, endless Google Apps, numerous options for social media, tablets, Chromebooks – the new possibilities are endless! One of my goals right now with technology is using Twitter and building my PLN. Twitter is something that is completely new to me, and I am finding it hard to adjust to. I am also trying to become more accustomed to using Google+. Google+ has many different parts and apps to use with it, that you can virtually do everything on it. Right now, I am trying to keep up with my accounts, and to learn how to get comfortable using these sites. These sites are great ways to network with others to learn new information, new methods of teaching and using technology, and to learn about even newer technology that is being introduced into society.

I am finding that as I become older (and I’m not that old), the harder it is for me to even keep up! When I was in elementary school, I was lucky to go to the computer lab and use computers to type a paper rather than handwriting it!


My teachers also used chalkboards or overhead projectors. Today, you are likely to find overhead projectors in a basement collecting dust, not in a classroom. Many classrooms now have iPads, Chromebooks, computers and SMARTboards in their classroom for technology. Some classrooms may even use more technology based on what is available to them! Technology is something that can be used to add excitement and life into your lessons and enhance the material that you are trying to teach your students. Based on the pictures above, I would be more engaged in learning with a SMARTboard because students can be engaged and interacting with the technology and in the lesson! Technology is something that is important to integrate into your lessons. We want to prepare children for the world, and the world is becoming reliant on the use of technology. While it is hard to incorporate technology if it is something that you are not used to, it is important to remember that if we want our children to succeed, they need to experience technology. One thing to keep in mind is that we need to become familiar with the technology we are trying to use ourselves before we expect our students to learn to use that technology. Teachers need to model for their students why it is important for them to learn and do something. One way that teachers can be encouraged to integrate this technology is by having someone model using that technology for them, just as teachers would model it for their students. A teacher’s job is always going to entail learning new things, whether it’s learning about new technology and how to incorporate it into your lessons, learning new methods of teaching students, or learning about your students each year as you will always have new students. Technology is continuously growing, and it is imperative that we embrace these advancements and learn to use this technology because it is such a vital part of society and living today. I will leave you with words of encouragement, because I know that trying to learn something new is difficult to do, and for a teacher, the learning is infinite.

teachers are learners