Things I’ve Learned from Fellow Bloggers…

I followed some of my fellow classmates’ blogs over the semester, and I have my top 3 favorite blogs where I learned something valuable that I will take with me when I have my own classroom. Continue reading “Things I’ve Learned from Fellow Bloggers…”


SAMR model – Technology Models

The SAMR model is a technology integration model that helps teachers utilize technology in their classrooms. I like this model because it will force me to utilize more technology in my lessons more meaningful that merely substitution, which is the first tier of SAMR. Continue reading “SAMR model – Technology Models”

Kahoot – A Tool for Formative Assessment

Kahoot is a great online assessment tool for anyone to use. Kahoot is a great assessment tool because it’s an interactive game for students to play during class time.I find Kahoot to be a good tool because students are involved in learning but are also having fun at the same time.  Students get points based on how long it took them to answer the question and whether they had the correct answer or not. After each question, the game will give you an update on who is in the lead based on point value. The quicker the student answers the question with the correct answer, the more points he/she will earn. At the end of the game, the students can see who placed in first, second and third. It’s fun for students to use because it gives them encouragement to do better because they want to “win.” This tool is good for classroom use because you can do formative assessment at the beginning of a unit to see what the students already know, and throughout a unit to check for understanding to see where you need to further scaffold student learning and which students need intervention.

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Today’sMeet – Collaboration and Communication

When it comes to collaboration and communication, it is essential for those to be present in a classroom. Often times, teachers will find that they struggle getting some of their students to talk during class. This could be because the student is shy, he/she is afraid of being judged by his/her peers, or because they simply aren’t paying attention because the class isn’t engaging them enough. If your student isn’t engaged enough or is afraid of judgement, a good tech tool to use is Today’s Meet. Today’s Meet is an online website where you can host different “chat rooms” and post different questions for your students to answer during class, or simply to have available to your students if they have questions at any time but are afraid to speak up in front of others. The nice thing about Today’s Meet is if you have a student who is afraid of being judged or being embarrassed by asking a “stupid” question (which no question is a stupid question), they can sign in using a pseudonym or alias so that nobody else knows who they actually are. I believe this tool is important because I feel that every student has the right to learn and to ask questions if he/she needs clarification. This is a good form of communication because you will have the website pulled up on the overhead screen and it will automatically update when a new message has been sent to the “chat”. It is also helpful because each day/week, you can bring up the same chat room where you were in the last class, and pick up right where you left off and see if there were any unanswered questions left to address. For a tutorial on how to use Today’s Meet, click on the link below to watch a tutorial video.

Helicopter Parenting – Do you have double rotors?

So this post is being written by a guest blogger who happens to be my boss at work on campus, but also one of my best friends and my second mother. We work in the Humanities Department on campus see helicopter parents a lot. Helicopter parenting is something that is more and more common today, and she’s here to talk about her personal experiences with the subject!

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Bullying – Can We Stop It?

Bullying has always been an issue in schools. Recently it has gained more attention. I believe this is due to the increased presence of social media in society in today. I was in 8th grade when I got my Facebook account, and only in 6th grade when I got my first MySpace account. Lately, kids have been creating these personal social media accounts at younger ages. These social medias accounts are also more accessible to younger students because of the increase in number of children that have smartphones. There have been many cases throughout the US where students have been cyber-bullied. Everyone has been trying to combat bullying and find a solution to it, but I don’t believe that we can fully find a solution to it because it all comes down to each individual bully’s behavior. We cannot make some one change their behavior because we simply cannot control everyone. While I agree that bullying is an issue, I don’t believe that I can be the solution.

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Things That Make You Go Hmmmm………

Early Childhood Student Teaching. This is the biggest thing that has been on my mind lately. I am going to Aldine, Texas in January to complete my Early Childhood Student Teaching requirement. While I know that it is a few months away, I am still worried. I am the type of person that likes to have things planned out, and it is driving me crazy because I don’t have any idea what to expect when I am there. I know that it will be a good experience for me, and that everything will work out, but it doesn’t help me worry less now. I’m looking forward to seeing how education is in different parts of the country, and to make comparisons between how education is done between these different areas versus  how education is done in Wisconsin. I know that once it gets closer to when I leave for Texas, I will have an idea of what I am doing for lessons while I am there. I just hope that I have enough time to make my lesson plans and have everything ready for my time down there. I want to do the best possible job that I can while I am there, because it is important to me that I always do my best and always look for ways to improve so that I can be the best teacher I can be.

Graphic Editing – Good or Bad?

Editing graphics can be tricky. While I enjoy taking pictures of a beautiful scene outdoors, many people can take pictures of scenery. What people do with those pictures is what makes it different. Below is a photo that I took at Ridge Run County Park in West Bend, WI, which is near my home. I took this picture in the later afternoon on a warm, overcast day. in the summer.


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Technology Integration

Technology is something that is ever changing and is hard to keep up with. There are so many different things to use. There are SMARTboards, endless Google Apps, numerous options for social media, tablets, Chromebooks – the new possibilities are endless! One of my goals right now with technology is using Twitter and building my PLN. Twitter is something that is completely new to me, and I am finding it hard to adjust to. I am also trying to become more accustomed to using Google+. Google+ has many different parts and apps to use with it, that you can virtually do everything on it. Right now, I am trying to keep up with my accounts, and to learn how to get comfortable using these sites. These sites are great ways to network with others to learn new information, new methods of teaching and using technology, and to learn about even newer technology that is being introduced into society.

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